Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Custom Blend of The Month: Signature Moisturizer

Skin Blends Signature Moisturizer

Makes (1) 50ml Moisturizer

2 pumps Young & Rich Moisturizer
1 pump Combo Stemtide Hydrator

Recommended to add $2 per pump
3 pumps Firm
3 pumps A+ Serum
3 pumps Brite
3 pumps Panthenol
3 pumps Vitamin K
2 drops of the Aroma or Essential Oil of Choice (Add .50 per drop)

1. In a small beaker, blend together 2 pumps Young & Rich with 1 pump Combo Stemtide Hydrator. Mix until fully combined.

2    2.  Add in 3 pumps of Firm, A+ Serum, Brite, Panthenol, Hyaluronic Collagen and Vitamin K. At this time you can substitute any Cosmeceutical listed for another serum or Botanical.

2    3.Blend together until fully combined using a mixing spatula.

3    4.   Add in any Aroma, Essential Oil, or color of your choice. Blend until fully combined.
***Note: For extra dry skin, add in 2 pumps of Jojoba Oil.

5    5.  Using your mixing spatula, transfer your Custom Blended Signature    Moisturizer to a 50ml jar.
6.    6. Enjoy the amazing results!

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