Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Q & A With Natalya

Q: "My lips are always incredibly dry during the winter. No matter how much chapstick I use, they continue to crack and peel. Is there anything I can do to make this issue better?"

A: As odd as it may sound, exfoliation is always really good for dry lips. For extremely dry cases, you will want to begin with a layer of Moisture Sealant or Coconut Oil to prep your lips prior to exfoliation to give them a little layer of protection. Our Creamy Facial Polish has a creamy cleansing base, which will help you retain moisture while exfoliating. Since the skin around your mouth tends to be thinner, it has very gentle exfoliating beads that will help remove the flaking skin. A bit of Desert DrySkin Oil underneath our Moisture Sealant before bed will also help you retain the extra moisture needed during the drier months.

"I love the benefits of Essential Oils but I cannot seem to find an easy way to use them in my daily routine. What would you suggest?"

A: There are two very easy ways to incorporate Essential Oils into your daily life that do not require very much effort or thought throughout the day.

The easiest way is to have your Skin Care Professional blend them into your face and/or body products. Adding them into your Cleanser, Hydrator or Moisturizer allows the Essential Oils to get close to the skin for added benefit and can totally transform your daily routine by smell alone! Our favorite combinations are Lavender and Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree, and Clove Bud and Eucalyptus.

Another simple way is with an Essential Oil Diffuser. Simply add a few drops of Essential Oils to water inside of the Diffuser, set the timer and enjoy! Our Natural Aromas are also blends of Essential Oils which can safely be used with your Diffuser.

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