Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Invest In Your Brand

Now is the perfect time to invest in your brand with Skin Blends’ comprehensive and efficient Custom Blending System. Skin Blends fills the demand for individualized and effective skin care products both for in treatment and at home.

Why Custom Blend with Skin Blends?

The opportunities are truly endless!

  • Dramatically increase your bottom line with 100% markup.
  • Ensure your client loyalty. Having their custom formula ensures they can’t get your product anywhere else.
  • Custom Blending allows you to reduce the amount of product you keep on hand – keeping it fresher because it is not sitting on a shelf!
  • Your products will always be result oriented – and those results will be custom suited to your clients.
  • All Skin Blends base products are color and fragarance free – allowing you to customize them for each client!

At Skin Blends, we understand that not everyone has the same business needs.

That is why we have made customizing your brand even easier with these four options:

  1. Retail our amazing base products as is in Skin Blends Packaging.
  2. Customize our base products with aromas, colors, essential oils, lipids, botanical extracts and cosmeceuticals of your choice in Skin Blends Packaging.
  3. Private Label our base products with your own containers, logo and labels.
  4. Custom Blend our base products and utilize your own Private Label Branding.

For more information on Custom Blending please call us at 877-754-6253

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